12 Essential Leather Accessories For Men To Style

Men’s obsession with leather jackets and other products is the same as with their obsession with black colour. Tough men ask for tough outfits and leather accessories to groom their masculinity. Thus, leather is men’s favourite material to be in an outfit or other wearable accessories.
Leather is the toughest and durable material for any outfit, making it the best to protect us from cold. Leather is made of animal hides (skin) with different qualities and grades. Only pure original– full-grain – leather is the most resilient and long-lasting. The reason for being the strongest is because the full-grain leather has not been modified; sanded or buffed to be visually appealing. Moreover, there are other types of finishes of leather such as top-grain, genuine, split-grain and bonded leather. Respectively, the quality of leather decreases. It is due to eliminating the imperfections of premium full-grain leather. However, the sanding and buffing process makes the leather look more attractive and you get different vibrant colours.
Albeit, you know what leather is the best and hardest. So, make sure you buy that one once I guide you through the essential leather accessories for men to style!


1. Leather Jackets:
First and foremost, the classic and attractive-looking leather jackets always make you feel confident. The leather jackets are never-ending fashion and style that goes on with every occasion. However, leather jackets are rejuvenated in too many different kinds like motorcycle leather jackets, riding leather jackets, bomber leather jackets, etc.
Get yourself what fits you the most!
2. Leather Wallets:
Wallets are the best companion of men – cannot go afford to go anywhere without it. A wallet holds every important stuff of men within a pocket; cash, cards, passports, ID card, licenses and temporarily important receipts. We men, barely change wallets in years and the ideal choice for long-lasting are the leather wallets. Many variations of leather wallets are available in the market:
  • Single fold leather wallet
  • Trifold leather wallet
  • Zippered leather wallet
  • Leather passport holders
  • Leather card case
3. Leather Bags:
Bags are lifetime best friends of men. You always carry a bag around whether being a student or an employee, even an owner. Bags are like wallets, keeping our important and everyday use stuff like laptops, devices, papers and documents safe. Shop a leather bag this holiday with a variety of bags matching your every need:
  • Leather Backpack
  • Leather Messenger Bag
  • Leather Briefcase
  • Leather Backpacks
4. Leather Gloves:
Leather gloves are always pleasant than ordinary gloves as the leather serves the purpose – the most resistant glove material. Look classy while riding a bike wearing stylish leather gloves. The leather products always find a deserving spot as they can come in handy in any situation!
5. Leather Belt Pouches:
The belt pouches are always trendy and smart-looking. The leather belt pouches are smarter and trendier nowadays. They are lightweight and easy to carry. Besides, the leather makes it water-resistant and durable – take your new friend to places!
6. Leather Watches:
Leather watches are classic and classy and will always remain the fashion. No smartwatch can replace the charisma of leather watches. Feel ever confident with leather stripped dial watches – look classy and elegant as ever!
7. Leather Suspenders:
Look extra stylish and more handsome than others with leather suspenders. Leather suspenders go with any occasion – formal or informal. Suspenders completes an outfit and are the indication of having fashion sense!
8. Leather Boots:
They say that they judge you from the footwear. Footwears are more than a need, adds great value to style and fashion or dressing sense. However, leather shoes or boots are ideal for any occasion – rock your jeans and dress pants with leather boots!
Boots and shoes must be durable and tough to avoid the embarrassment of a broken shoe. Therefore, leather boots are your saviour. The boots that shine brighter than ordinary!
9. Leather Belts:
Add a sparkle to your outfit with leather belts instead of ordinary dim belts. Leather belts are always classy and fit with every outfit – indeed, a need of every outfit!
All leather belts look alike but on a closer look, you will note the significant difference in each belt besides the design of the buckle. Make your own hole in the belt and let share it with friends and family!
10. Leather Keychains:
Leather brings lots of customizations and personalization. Similarly, get yourself a customized leather keychain instead of complex keychains. Leather keychains are simple, sophisticated, softer or tough and rustic.
*Tip: Emboss your name in leather keychain at minimal costs; easy to identify if lost!
11. Leather Phone Case:
Undoubtedly, mobile phones nowadays have become more precious to us than any other thing. Our hearts and soul are within our cell phones. Protect your phone and look fashionable at the same time with leather phone cases!
The natural durability of leather is just greater than any other phone case as we debate against the cool phone cases. Keep your mobile phones and tablets scratch less and safe with the leather phone case.
12. Leather Hats:
Leather hats have been the vintage design for hats. They are the old, current, on-going fashion. Leather caps and hats are ideal for men who stay out for long or work in an open area or someone obsessive with hats.
Leather hats and caps are the most reliable in terms of durability and personalization.
Leather is always over any other material. Holidays are still the second reason for waiting for the winters – the first is wearing tempting leather jackets.
Let me end it by guiding you on how to identify the premium leather quality but the most authentic one:
  • The smell of leather is never like plastic and chemicals
  • The pure premium original full-grain leather is never perfect – imperfect grades and patterns
  • The original leather is flexible.