New Year New Styles: How To Style Leather Jackets

by Zubair Hussain on July 03, 2024


It’s 2024, and you’ll see every third person with a remarkable styling sense that leaves people in awe. So, stay behind them? A brilliant styling sense is essential to stay in trend, no matter if you are between family members or a group of friends. In this article, we will shed some much-needed light on how to style leather jackets.


So, without any further ado, let’s dig in.

Ways To Pull Off Your Jackets - The Right Way

Men’s Leather Jackets


Both men’s leather jackets can be styled with a stylish top. The colors however should look good in contrast. If you have men's leather jackets in consideration, go with the darker colors, making the jacket look more vibrant and chic. Our BOMBER JACKET has100% genuine leather that ensures comfort and you can wear it without any fear of skin allergy. 100% polyester lining, Zipper, and snap closure provide the much-needed warmth in the winter season. A great pick if you love the minimal one that suits everyone.


Most black leather jackets look terrific when paired with plain denim or chinos (ideally pale in color). An outfit composed of a black leather jacket and complementing bottoms would sound casual, yet fashionable and sophisticated. However, some pairs of trousers and jeans go better with some men’s leather jackets than others. The most traditional, classic, vintage, and jet black Leather Jackets are available at The Family Leather. Handcrafted from durable lambskin, the traditional nice and classy-looking black leather jacket you always wanted.


MEN’S LEATHER BLAZER is similar to a sports coat but is more relaxed. It is not necessary to wear it with a shirt and tie. It looks excellent with a pair of jeans and may be worn with a turtleneck or shirt underneath. It is made up of genuine leather with soft, high-quality lambskin. Is that it? No! You will find 2 single-breasted buttoned front pockets along with 2 external flap pockets and 1 inner pocket. Amazing, right?


What would you pair a leather motorcycle jacket with? Wear damaged ripped jeans with a black or white plain t-shirt underneath a biker jacket. Both boots and sneakers look great with them. Wearing a metal bracelet that matches the zippers or buttons on your jacket might give it a street-style vibe. Since it is perfect for riding bikes, it is made up of handcrafted leather with a soft, high-quality lambskin interior. Wind protection is provided by the snap collar. Customers also get 2 side zip pockets on the exterior and 2 outside chest pockets with zips.

Womens Leather Jackets


Because you can mix a womens leather jacket with feminine pieces like an asymmetrical skirt, a little black dress, or a little skirt, you may avoid looking like a biker. Instead of bulky boots, wear basic heels or sneakers with jeans and your favorite T-shirt. Our LADIES LEATHER JACKET is made with everything genuine, be it leather, polyester, or any other element to keep you warm.


Layer a thick, heavy-duty puffer on top with a flannel shirt and a T-shirt or roll neck, and heavy denim or cargo pants on the bottom. Choose a pair of high-quality hikers or work boots, and top it off with the hood to keep your head toasty. With our Womens Leather Jackets, wind and snow are blocked thanks to a faux fur hood. The hood is also detachable, which is a nice feature. You will get closure with a zip and buttons and 4 external standing collars.


Pilot Jackets are extremely versatile and may be paired with almost anything. They're versatile enough to dress up or down depending on where you're going, from jeans and chinos to boots and canvas shoes. To keep you toasty, there's a full-length snap and zip fastening. The cuffs and waistband are knitted but have an elastic self, providing you the ease of adjustment as per your preference.


Pair your LADIES RIDING JACKET with plaid shorts, tights, a sweater, and a beret for a unique take on the preppy look. Pair your moto jacket with a midi skirt and shoes for a beautiful feminine look. It's a terrific look to combine edgy and classy! It has asymmetrical zip along with genuine handcrafted leather. For comfort and ease, a soft yet high-quality lambskin interior is available. The polyester lining is also there to offer extra warmth and 2 side zip pockets on the exterior and 1 zip pocket on the exterior chest lets you keep the essentials. Cuffs with zippers Fitted with a tapered waist give a classic look, what else do you want?

A Few Bonus Tips That Are Essential To Know


  1. When you are wearing a jacket, your shoulders should not look like they are going to fall off. If you have a wide chest, then you need to make sure that you wear a jacket that has a high collar. This will help to keep your shoulders from looking too big.


  1. A basic black blazer is always a good choice. Black is always a great color to wear with anything else.


  1. There is nothing worse than having a jacket that looks sloppy. Make sure that you iron out any wrinkles before you put them on.


  1. If you want to add some style to your outfit, try adding a scarf. Scarves are easy to throw on and take off, but they can change the whole look of your outfit.


  1. Try to avoid wearing a jacket that is too tight around the waist. You will only appear smaller as a result of this.


  1. Avoid wearing jackets that are too short. They will make you look shorter than you are.


With every year, trends and styles change towards more advancement, but you do not have to worry about that. Why? Well, because we have got you covered. In this article, we have discussed some brilliant leather jackets and how to style them in 2024.


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