6 Must Have Leather Jackets For Men And Women

by Zubair Hussain on July 03, 2024

Are you not tired of wearing the same old leather jacket for years? You love it, we understand but who is asking to throw it away? Keep it, instead stop rugging it and buy a new one to make an announcement with it wherever you go. Leather jackets always catch the eye and make people appreciate your looks. Yes, you are beautiful too it is just that leather jackets do make a statement.
Anyway, Christmas has gone, holidays are gone too but the snow is still here to make us feel like it is still holidays. It is time to go shopping for the newly born year, 2022. But what to buy? Of course, the leather jacket because everyone has seen you with the one you are wearing for the last 2 years. It is time you buy yourself the new stylish leather jacket for men and women.
Indeed, it is a tough decision to make when buying a new leather jacket for women and men. Thus, here is a list of leather jackets you must have;

1. Ribbed Motorcycle Leather Jacket For Men

It is a classic style leather jacket meant for motorcyclists but can be worn by anyone. The jacket is decent with a fine ribbed look that fits your masculinity. The zipper can be zipped to the fullest with a round collar. It has multiple pockets to hold your belongings. Style with the traditional fashioned leather jacket for men. Look decent, look contented.

2. Ladies Riding Leather Jacket

Yes, women do ride and look way classier than a man riding a bike. To look more stylish, you must have a ladies riding jacket made of leather, a premium full-grain one. The riding leather jacket for women is a classic piece of outfit in contrast to men’s motorcycle jacket. Team up with your man wearing the ladies riding leather jacket and have the cutest couple goals. Besides, the leather jacket is spacious enough with several pockets to hold your stuff.

3. Men's Leather Blazer

Indeed, suits are the most sophisticated outfit to wear for a meeting. How about you introduce and change the norm with the new men's leather blazer jacket that outclasses the coats. The blazer jacket is a grab-and-go for the meetings and hangouts without any second thought with its modish look that makes you look confident as ever.

4. Pilot Leather Jacket For Women

Let us leave the vintage classic designs of leather jackets and try this fashionable one. The leather jacket is an innovative leather jacket to wear in different ways with an asymmetrical collar. The jacket has elastic cuffs around the waist and sleeves for a fitted look. The collar is also elastic for a comfortable and cozy feel.

5. Puffy Leather Jacket For Men and Women

This one is for both of you, a puffy leather jacket for women and men. The stuffed leather jacket comes along with a detachable hood. The jacket is "cool" and trendy among the gen-z. These are really warm to make you stop shivering from the cold and be comfortable outside in breezy weather. The puffy leather jacket also comes with a collar having faux fur on it.

6. ¾ Length Leather Jacket For Women And Men

Long coats are amazing just like the raincoats are in the rain. The ¾ length leather jackets are the same but the length is till the knees. The design is similar to a classic leather jacket, a puffy one, or any other. These jackets are light wear but deal greatly with the cold weather. The best part about them is you can just wear them without being crucial about what to wear inside. Easy and fashionable!



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